How much it is easy to use and clean food processors

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that can do various tasks and is used for different food preparation functions.  The function of a food processor can be effectively changed by utilizing distinctive sorts of blade attachments such as slicing or grating discs. A food processor is one of those appliances that are quite easy to use; all you have to do is just set the appropriate attachment and put the food via the feeding tube of the processor by means of the plunger.

Food processors are capable of doing some tedious kitchen tasks and are extremely useful when it comes to preparing food. They can process fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat and some of them can even knead dough and make citrus juices. Some of the fundamental food preparation activities incorporate:

  • Grinding seeds, nuts, spices, dried fruits, and meat;
  • Pureeing vegetables and fruits;
  • Grating or shredding cheese or vegetables.

In addition to these basic tasks, a food processor can also be utilized for mixing and kneading doughs for breads, pies, pizza, and other baked goods. After all the tasks of a food processor have been accomplished, the processed food remains in the work bowl. It is best and simplest to clean your food processor directly after it has been used.
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As soon as the food items have been processed in the food processor, rinse the work bowl, its cover, the food plunger or pusher, discs, and blades. Try not to give food a chance to get dried up on these parts before washing them. Additionally, food can some of the time hold up in the feed tube or food plunger. In order to remove the stuck food either rinse with some water through the food plunger or use a brush gently. Here are some more tips for easily cleaning your food processor and maintaining and enhancing its processing life:

  • Generally, all the food processor parts are dishwasher safe apart from the base or housing of the unit that protects and contains the motor. Never place the base or housing in dishwasher or immerse it in water.
  • Apart from the base or housing, the parts of the food processor can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher. Avoid putting the parts of the processor on the lower racks since the heat from the dishwasher might cause weakening, cracks, or damage to the plastic parts after some time.
  • Place the bowl of the food processor upside down into the dishwasher so as to get rid of the entire food stuck onto it.
  • Keep in mind that the discs and blades are quite sharp and care must be taken while handling these sharp items.
  • The parts of the processor can be washed by hand as well. Yet take extra care when dealing with sharp discs and blades as soapy water can cover these sharp items.